But as I increased elderly, your message in addition became a derogatory term for homosexuals

But as I increased elderly, your message in addition became a derogatory term for homosexuals


Jamaicans consider mold & most different fungal growths – particularly on cloth, floor surfaces, and walls – as junjo. One follower quickly clarifies below.


Raising right up, we heard this keyword (pronounced one of the ways or even the some other) utilized as an unclear but really serious insult you hurled at somebody you honestly disliked.

As one Jamaican friend explained to myself in a Facebook opinion, aˆ?it’s my job to use it to berate people It’s my opinion becoming uncouth or unbecomingaˆ?. The guy furthermore specified that the phase is often put considerably for men than lady.


To your inexperienced, aˆ?batacrep’ is during reference to [a] battered crep – aˆ?crep’ becoming the flat soled shoes… The battered or aˆ?batta’ in https://hookupdates.net/tr/christiandatingforfree-inceleme/ that is actually making reference to their condition, [as] usually it’s things folks of that time has on typically until it had been worn-out, torn, and ripped, because they had been pricey [to replace].

Naturally, becoming compared to a set of worn out, dirty (once upon a period of time) white footwear is certainly not a go with.


Some international artistes make use of the phase Bangarang within music, and I’ve constantly pondered when they realized just what it designed. Like its uncle hataclaps, bangarang refers to a trouble or disruption. This will probably be a loud sounds, or someone that is perfectly up to no-good.

Hataclaps is somewhat more serious than a bangarang, and it is more similar to a critical crisis. But both keywords are utilized interchangeably.


A mampy was a really obese person. While i have generally heard it used to describe men, obese people have acquired this phase hurled at them also.

Remember in Jamaican lifestyle a lady with large chest, greater waist, and a huge buttocks is considered greatly attractive. So the specifications of excess fat, over weight, and fat tend to be quite various.


Corouches often means junk, not always practically. As an instance, one traveling with plenty of bags may explain those bags as corouches. It could be an offensive solution to make reference to some people’s factors, therefore to keep the serenity, it’s best regularly jokingly reference your own personal belongings.

As generally occurs, the term suss made they into Uk slang, nevertheless they nonetheless utilize it much in another way than we would. British make use of it to mean realising or recognizing things, however in Jamaica, suss refers to news and scandalous rumours.


This is certainly those types of terms that are very outdated and out-of normal consumption that my personal generation scarcely knows just what it indicates. I’ve always heard they always imply a loud commotion.


While we’re on the topic of sex, i guess now’s nearly as good a time as any to refer to male genitalia. Pengeleng identifies mature male genitalia, while teely often identifies a small boy’s. If you would like insult a Jamaican man, query him about their teely. These words are far more often employed by generations preceding millennials, along with outlying places.


Although it can mean performers, i have always considered it suggested small flashes of lighter – perfectly reasonable after you’ve started pimp-slapped by a mother or father for being out-of-order .


Expanding up, chi-chi was first always make reference to termites. Also the pile of dirt they left behind after their unique foraging got called chi-chi particles.

This consumption was developed prominent because of the T.O.K. song Chi-Chi people, encouraging residents to maintain their point from LGBTQ area.


Brawta identifies obtaining anything additional as an added bonus. As an example, while I purchase a Boston Creme at Dunkin Donuts, in addition they toss an additional one out of the bag for free, that is my personal brawta!

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