Deyes Karayib. Caribbean Goddesses. A blog by and for Caribbean Lesbians

Deyes Karayib. Caribbean Goddesses. A blog by and for Caribbean Lesbians

Monday, July 18, 2005

to my personal Haitian siblings

To my personal Haitian siblings, younger or outdated, we don’t pretend understand the real truth about getting a Haitian lesbian but i know exactly what happens inside me personally, this is exactly my truth, my personal experiences.

We never ever discovered from anybody the best way to getting a lesbian, we simply become, we never read from anybody the way to like a female, we just like them. That is all of our facts, it’s this that we realize as an undeniable fact once we appear and act upon the needs within united states.

We fit in with a fraction, we belong to an oppressed group and thus we react sometimes in unreliable tips. Too many period, we slash our selves in short supply of exactly who we certainly is. We take or encourage periodic hidden sexual activities, we refuse our selves the right to love, and we accept the ability to bang. We decay our selves by choosing a life of sex without love. We come to be prostitutes, porn addicts, mistresses, second-class lovers. We never allow ourselves to enjoy and agree. We are not able to safeguard the ones we love; we don’t create a life for ourselves.

A homosexual union in a lot of tactics just isn’t distinctive from a heterosexual commitment. It involves work and willpower. It requires becoming indeed there when it comes down to types we love, waking up each day with each other, experiencing daily difficulties collectively, operating toward a common goals, offering housing and assistance. As if we happened to be hitched to a man, we might have actually acted with love and admiration, we must agree ourselves to a much better total well being with a woman. There is no variation at all throughout these two sorts of relations, the only person becoming the gender of the individual we like. Whenever we imagine a homosexual relationship is way better or tough, then we’re biased in our wisdom. Truly ordinary prefer between two people and because of this, it is both beautiful and challenging. Some weeks we’re going to feel just like so many dollar woman, some other days like s…, but that is the good thing about connections. They raise you to the larger stages, they lower us to your darkest sides.

I am not proclaiming that we-all go out on the avenue and march to need respect or acceptance, Im proclaiming that we must beginning behaving with respect, selecting affairs over lust, selecting prefer over porn intercourse. I am talking about two lady getting along for better of for tough, as a couple. I understand it could be terrifying and hard, there is no place to go and learn. Let’s just pay attention to all of our hearts. Let’s write our own how to existence, let’s establish a system of females with self-respect and pride….for ourselves therefore the generations to come.

New York, July 18, 2005

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