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Happy Science offers membership for those interested in studying Ryuho Okawa’s teachings to advance further in their personal growth and to become part of an active community working together to practice sharing happiness with others.
Why Be a Member of Happy Science?
All Happy Science members aim to study the spiritual Truth from Ryuho Okawa’s teachings and practice exploring their minds each day. This practice is called: the Exploration of the Right Mind. Also, members practice the Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-reflection and Progress. This is the modern path to improving ourselves, discovering true happiness and bringing positive changes in our life. Through these efforts, members can receive the right guidance based on wisdom that leads to the deepening of their spirituality. Happy Science is open to anyone who has an aspiration to learn, attain happiness and to share that happiness with others.
There are many members who, before they discovered Happy Science, suffered from severe life difficulties such as illness, depression, bankruptcy or relationship problems. However, once they began to study and put into practice these teachings of Truth, to reflect on their life and gain wisdom from their insights, they could guide their lives toward a more positive direction. Members become experts in life through understanding the true meaning of existence: one founded on the path to genuine happiness.

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    Online membership donation is more than INR 100. You can also join us as a member by visiting your nearest Happy Science.
    (For advanced seekers of Truth, you can also join as a Devotee Member at your nearest Happy Science.)

    About Happy Science Membership

    Happy Science is an organization that aims to cultivate people’s souls, and deepen their love and wisdom through learning and practicing in the teachings (the Truth) taught by Master Ryuho Okawa. Members study the teachings through books, lectures and seminars that impart spiritual knowledge about life and the world. They also practice meditation and self-reflection on a daily basis, based on the Truth they have learned. In this way, members deepen their understanding toward life, enrich their character and improve their leadership qualities. As a result, they are empowered to contribute to the development of the world.

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    How Can I Become a Member of Happy Science?

    All Happy Science members have faith in El Cantare, the supreme God whose mission is to bring happiness to all humanity. The teachings of El Cantare go beyond differences of all religions, all nations and all races, Happy Science is a religion that unites and is open to everyone. Happy Science welcomes all people who want to improve themselves through the Exploration of the Right Mind and daily practice of The Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress. Through improving ourselves, we are able to bring positive changes to our families, society and the world. In other words, contributing toward creating utopia on Earth.

    To join Happy Science is a precious moment in everyone’s life. A ceremony will be held in accordance to the type of membership you choose – a member or a devotee member. Please contact us at your nearest local branch, local temple or missionary center for further information.

    Happiness Planting

    Happy Science is a non-profit organization, so our main source of funding comes from the donations offered by our members and by the people who sympathize with our ideals. There are no membership fees, and donations are made voluntarily as an expression of their faith and gratitude to Lord El Cantare. People who make these donations understand the value of the Truth, and want to help spread the truth across the world.

    Offering is an expression of faith and gratitude to the Lord, and it is also an opportunity to practice “love that gives.” The important thing is to have a pure heart when making the donation, not expecting anything in return. Making an offering contributes to the development of our souls and is regarded as a part of spiritual discipline. It is a practice of letting go of our attachments, being selfless, and being in a state of light-heartedness and freedom. To give up a part of what we have for the future happiness of others is highly valued from the heavenly world, as it is the beginning of boundless merit. We call this form of offering, “Happiness Planting.”

    You can also offer by making time to volunteer in activities at Happy Science. Everyone has special talents and skills, and using them toward spreading the Truth is a wonderful thing and brings greater happiness to society.

    Members who gain wisdom through the experience of practicing our teachings can volunteer as “Doctors of the Soul,” to help those who find themselves in the midst of suffering and anxiety. People who have time and a place enough for it, can offer to hold meetings, meditation or study sessions until a temple of light can be built in a particular area convenient for some members.

    Financial support plays an important part as we live in a material world under an economic system.

    Donations can be made at your nearest local branch and temple, and missionary center, and does not require membership.

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    We deliver you quotes that offer hints in life called “Today’s Words of Wisdom,” taken from Master Okawa’s books. These are available in 11 different languages. You do not have to be a member to receive our daily newsletter, and they are delivered free. It will enable you to get a glimpse our teachings. There are many people who felt uplifted and were able to regain their hope for the future through reading the “Today’s Words of Wisdom” in our newsletter.

    You will receive a gift of words every morning that will help lighten up your day!

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